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A Fresh Coat of Paint

AH there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a space and add new life to a room and your home! Just like waking up refreshed after a good nights sleep!

I have finally with my husbands help painted every room in our home with the exception of 2! It took several years but we completed it! The last rooms we did were the family room and kitchen. It was a bigger job than anticipated but we got it done in under a day and we are very pleased with our new look! Who knew gray could make a space feel warmer! Love it!

We use Sherwin Williams Duration paint. It gives full coverage and is easy to keep clean. We picked the color Pewter Cast. We spent many days trying to decide between MANY shades of gray! Many gray shades have blue in them ,this one does not.

What are your favorite paint colors in your home?


Debbi K.


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