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A Vintage Inspired Patriotic Party

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. – Ralph Waldo Emersons

Step out today having faith in yourself and finding the good in others! Have a beautiful day!

Let’s have a party! My favorite thing to do for others!! I am sharing my Vintage Inspired Patriotic Party with you today! Parties can be for a few or for many! I always say the more the merrier! They can be super simple or very complex! The sky is the limit and the party can be what you and your creativity choose! Remember, each day can be a party! Even a simple lunch with a friend can be a a party! No limitations when one or more gather together!

Read my ideas then look through my pictures!

My inspiration always starts somewhere! I had a great vintage find with the tablecloth, it was only $4.00! That is where my inspiration started! Love this linen, very cheery! I am now using it on my round dinning room table. It doesn’t fit so I put it on at a diagonal and it looks great! Not everything has to fit perfect!

I LOVE flowers so had to add some white spider mums! I was pleased to find this assortment at Trader Joes for $3.99! I love the muted yellow roses with the red tips, really compliments the red, white and blue scheme! I used a tall round vase I already had, filled the bottom with blue sea glass, added the water and flowers. Stuck in some flags at the end. The flags are everywhere right now, they even have them in the grocery store!

I used my favorite candy jar for the vintage Bethany Lowe tinsel sparklers! Absolutely LOVE these! I discovered them on Ebay! They might be reproductions, having a hard time figuring this one out but they still look awesome and are incredibly FUN! I also added some flags!

I found the red, white and blue lights at Wegmans, the lighting doesn’t do them justice but they are beautiful mid evening or at dark!

The Firecracker candy bars come from Trader Joe’s. They have a spicy kick in them and pop rocks!

I purchased tart cherries at a farmers market. I did not expect to serve them but when I saw them in my frig next to my blueberries, I knew they would be perfect in my little white dishes!

I made my sugar cookies as I do each holiday! You can search Sugar Cut Out cookies here on my blog for the recipe! I am IN LOVE with my new sprinkles! I was very excited to find a kind Etsy seller who makes her own sprinkles! She uses natural dyes which give the color in the sprinkles a muted shade making them look vintage! I am getting ready to order another color scheme for another party! Check out Jolene Wilson with Natural Sprinkles co. on Etsy! She is very friendly and easy to work with!

I served cranberry iced tea (Boston Iced Tea) and my homemade lemonade in mason jars with the straw tops, with red and white stripe straws! Both recipes are here on the blog! I always have both of these in my frig all summer long! I had these adorable napkins that I picked up awhile back and they went perfect!

My goal in gatherings is always to start with what I have already! You can always throw a party without buying extra stuff! I always make sure if I am buying something for a gathering that I have other uses for them. Just get your inspiration then walk around your house AND your yard! You never know what else might spark your creativity!

Please share your favorite party ideas or tips in the comment section!

ENJOY your Fourth of July Holiday! See you back here next Wednesday!

Debbi K.

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