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Balloon Centerpiece

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday!

I love to entertain! I have loved entertaining for many, many years! When my children were little, I occasionally would decorate with balloons. Nothing fancy just small bouquets or blown up balloons sitting around. I remember them and their friends playing with the balloons, such a simple joy for a child. Last week I shared my daughter’s fabulous idea for the Celebration box. That inspired this centerpiece! It is super simple to tailor the decor of a party towards someones likes and interests. For a recent party, I wanted something fun and with a little nostalgia so I decided why not create something with balloons!

I started on the internet searching for how to make a balloon “curve” into a spiral. I found a man on You Tube showing how to make a balloon snake. I visited my local party store to find long skinny balloons and also picked up a small balloon pump. Can I tell you, my daughter and I had a blast! It was so much fun and silliness trying to get these balloons to the shape I was looking for! To make a balloon curvy, you “simply” twist the balloon around your fingers several times and then blow it up, yeah um NO did not happen that way! My husband suggested a paper towel roll and this worked!

I needed a low centerpiece for my round table so everyone could see to chat. I used a large clear, low salad bowl that I own. I first put in silver mylar shreds then a gold star garland around the inside edge then I took different sizes of balloons and placed them in the bowl. It took several tries to get a look I was happy with. Super easy and super economical! The birthday guests loved it and thought it was festive.

Next time you need a quick easy centerpiece or simple decorations that look not so simple, pick up some balloons and a pump! I guarantee if nothing else you will have some good belly laughs! Especially from the ones that get away from you after being blown up and the ones that pop!


Debbi K.

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