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My thoughts are always with those I have personally lost to Cancer, the loved ones left behind and the survivors. With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought it would be a good topic to honor and write about. We have all been touched in some way by Cancer. I have personally lost many to this ugly disease.  The first person I remember losing to Cancer is my cousin Pat. I remember her with love and admiration. I always thought of her as my big sister. She was one of those people who valued each person she met or knew. She was a positive upbeat, beautiful spirit. I will carry a piece of her heart with me always.

Then there is sweet Tyler. Tyler was a bright young man who loved the Lord. My daughter was blessed to meet him her freshman year of high school. Tyler and his family learned he had leukemia the first week of sophomore year. I never met Tyler but he touched my life so deeply and profoundly, he too changed my life. My daughter’s faith became stronger for experiencing Tyler’s journey. There were over 800 people at Tyler’s service and it allowed us a small glimpse of a life richly lived in only 15 short years. We are forever changed because of Tyler and his journey.

There are too many more beautiful people I could speak about but the one thing they all have in common  is each person I have lost to this disease touched me in some life altering way. Each of the beautiful people I remember valued life and the people they met on their journey through life. If we could all have that spirit in us, if we could all value each other and the journey we walk then we are honoring their memories by valuing this life we are given, these breaths we take each and every day.


Debbi K.




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