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Beautiful Time of the Year

I always say Fall is my favorite time of year and it is! I do love Spring as well, not my favorite like Fall but the sunny skies and warmer weather, the brightness of the days and the beauty that comes through in nature, who can resist loving Spring! The best thing about Spring is the beauty in the flowers! I enjoy picking out the beautiful flowers for my home and seeing the bright pretty colors all around! When I walk outside each morning and see the new growth, the new flowers on the bushes around my home and enjoy the smell of the fresher air, I just have a clearer, fresher outlook on life! Just makes you wake up and smile! Enjoy a few of my new flowers around my home in these pictures!

Debbi K.

IMAG3777 IMAG3779 IMAG3780 IMAG3783 IMAG3784 IMAG3786

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