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Buttercream Pretzels

Buttercream Pretzels

YUMMY Discovery! My favorite frosting is Raspberry Buttercream. While frosting cupcakes one day we had a lot of frosting leftover, not wanting it to go to waste we pulled out our square Snyder’s pretzels and made pretzels sandwiches with the buttercream in the middle, they are so delicious and super easy! If you want even more decadence, dip them in white chocolate! OH SO GOOD!

Give them a try today!

Raspberry buttercream:

½ cup softened butter

A very full ½ cup fresh raspberries, make sure they are dry

1 tsp. PURE vanilla extract

2 cups powdered sugar.

Beat butter with the raspberries. Add vanilla. Then GRADUALLY add the powdered sugar. You may want to add less powdered sugar depending on the consistency you want.

Frost a pretzel then put another pretzel on top. Store covered at room temp.


Debbi K.

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