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Butternut Squash Bowl

I LOVE Butternut squash! It tastes just like fall! The color and the smell are wonderful! Now that I am an empty nester, when I make this squash, I’m the only one eating it. Occasionally I share my squash dishes with friends! The last time I cut a butternut squash for roasting I decided not to bother with the bottom portion. It holds most of the seeds and by the time you peel it, not much squash is left. It was sitting on my counter as I prepared the rest for roasting and it just came to me, looks like a bowl! I cleaned the seeds out rub the inside with a small amount of olive oil and roasted it next to my squash. Just place the whole bottom on foil or baking sheet in your oven. I let it roast for about 15 minutes at 350. I did not want it to get soft, just slightly cooked on the inside. The next day I served my roasted potato soup in with cheese on top! It was delicious and pretty at the same time! It would be great to serve any kind of soup or even a warm dip! It would be really nice for a small dinner party as well! ENJOY!

Debbi K.



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