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Peppermint Bark

Today I am sharing my peppermint bark recipe! I have seen many versions of this bark and many posts about it so I thought I would add my version! Which I’m sure is just like or very similar to all the others! Bark makes a quick, easy well-loved gift for the holidays! Looks pretty in a dish on any table
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Today I am sharing my version of a Kransekake. A Kransekake is traditionally a Scandinavian cake served during weddings, birthdays, graduations and on holiday banquet tables. It is traditionally made from almonds, powdered sugar and egg whites. I have not tried the traditional recipe but hoping to in the future. The traditional version is gluten free too! I purchased these
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Chocolate Snowman

This year I found a 12 inch chocolate snowman mold and I had to give it a try! My intention was for gift giving however, it took a few times to get a solid good looking one to come out so I made one to sit on my holiday dessert table for parties and different holiday meals I’m hosting. Hopefully
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Frosted Pecans

Today I am re posting a tried and true recipe for the holidays! I have been making these for too many years to count! They are loved by all and a must have in my house starting Thanksgiving and running through the end of December. A bag or jar full of these tasty gems makes a very nice gift too!
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