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Happy New Year! I hope you had a blessed holiday season! I also hope you are back in your routine and taking time for YOU this year!

I thought this was a great time to share an idea of my daughters! My daughter thought of this idea when she knew she would not be seeing a good friend of hers on their birthday. I had asked the Postmaster at our local post office if we could do this and was told yes! She took a box and some balloons, the balloons were blown up with plain old air and then she packed the box with the balloons and some shredded mylar to act as bigger confetti. She also tucked a few treats in the box as well. If you add anything just make sure it is well wrapped so it doesn’t pop your balloons. Taped up the box and mailed it!

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT think you can send helium filled balloons by mail. So make sure you blow the balloons up yourself!

Wishing you blessings in 2015!


Debbi K.


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