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Chocolate Joys

“This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.” ~ Taylor Caldwell

May you feel the peace and comfort knowing Christ is always with you! Wishing you a day full of breathable moments!

I am sharing a candy I make at Christmas time! When my children were in elementary school, the big fundraiser was wrapping paper. This company also sold a popular brand of chocolates. We would always buy these little chocolates. Many, many years ago I decided to try to re-create them in my kitchen with a few changes. This is my well-loved, well enjoyed recipe! Give them a try, they are quick and easy and great for last-minute gifts! ENJOY!

I am wishing you a Merry Christmas!! The blog is taking a holiday break! I will be back in January! In the meantime, I will occasionally add some fun things to my Instagram account, be sure and follow Gather to Enjoy on Instagram! See you in the New Year!

Debbi K.

Chocolate Joys

2 cups candy melts (you can use white, regular or dark chocolate)

1 cup MINI Crispy Rice (this is sold in most candy stores along with the candy melts)

1 to 2 TBSP Peanut Butter

a handful of small broken pretzel pieces

mini candy cups, these are mini versions of the mini cupcake papers. (you could use mini cupcake papers, your candies will just be bigger)

Place the candy melts  in a microwave safe bowl and micro on high power for 30 seconds then stir. Put back in micro for 10 second intervals. Make sure you stir well each time, after the 2nd time in the microwave they should be done just keep stirring until smooth. Add the other ingredients and stir to combine then spoon into your candy papers. Let them sit out until harden, no need to refrigerate! ENJOY

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