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Cookbook Review

Today I am sharing a cookbook I have had for many years. It is well-loved! With Fall fast approaching and children heading to college or back to school, the busy is upon us! This book will help you prepare ahead for those busy nights! Some of my favorites are My Big Dream Greek Pasta, Lemon Rice Pilaf, Beef and Zucchini Casserole, Spicy Lime Chicken and everyone’s favorite…Summer Pasta! The Summer Pasta has been such a hit. I even made it with a cooking class I created and instructed! The instructions are easy to follow. You are given the assembling instructions and then how to prepare for tonight’s dinner and how to freeze. The recipe also gives you measurements for one or 3 dishes.

Today I looked online at the Howard County Library and they have 3 available to check out! It is worth a look-see!


Debbi K.

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