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Cucumber Sandwiches

I have been thinking of hosting a tea and I have tea related recipes on my mind lately! I always host one in December but I’m thinking of doing a smaller one maybe with a Fall theme. I have made these cucumber sandwiches for some of my Teas but I also make them for my family to have in the frig as a light healthy snack to grab and go anytime. They are light and refreshing, perfect for these hot days we are having right now. Make a batch for yourself and consider sitting down with a cup of tea and just enjoying a quiet moment! Take care.

Debbi K.


Pepperidge Farms Thin White bread (they also make wheat and I have done some with white and wheat combined)

English cucumber (the long slender one in the wrapping)

Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese Wedges



First peel and thinly slice your cucumber. Spread each slice out on paper towels and let sit for about 10 minutes. sometimes I salt them but not always, it is up to your taste. This step draws some of the moisture out of the cucumber so your sandwiches do not get soggy. The longer they sit on the paper towel the better.

Cut the crust off your bread. Spread with Laughing Cow cheese, top with cucumbers and sprinkle with dill. Top with another slice of bread and cut as desired. I usually do them in 4 triangles but you could do 2 or leave them whole. Pop in frig and ENJOY! SUPER SIMPLE!

cucumber sandwich ingredientsfinished cucumber sandwich

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