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DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Today I am sharing a DIY project that I started thinking about a while ago. We need a new cabinet in our first floor half bath. The problem we had was we could not have the cabinet we wanted right now because in replacing it we would encounter at least a new floor and possibly new drywall. The cabinet we like is much smaller then what we have now. In replacing the floors in the bath, we felt we would need to replace all the hardwoods on the first floor at the same time. We did not wish to give up the funds and the time this would require. In thinking it through, it reminded me of the children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! You get the idea, start one small project which leads to one thing then another and so on!

I was not willing to accept leaving the cabinets as is. We’ve been moving forward with updating our home and this was a stumbling block. I needed to find a way to update without all the time and work. What came to mind was my new found hobby of painting furniture using chalk paint. Chalk paint is so forgiving and easy to use and the coverage is incredible! I started researching cabinets using this paint and many people have done it with success. I also know the nicest person who owns the shop where I purchase the paint and she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

I finished my project this week and I am VERY happy with the results! I added a few gray/silver accents to change the look. In the pictures below you will see the cabinet painted; the accents and my favorite part of the bathroom (besides the red barn wall color) the bead board ceiling! ENJOY!

Tomorrow, Friday, I am attending a college open house with my daughter, exciting times! I will be back with you on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, make it a beautiful one!

Debbi K.

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