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DIY Coffee Table

Today I am excited to share my latest DIY project with you! I designed this table over a year and a half ago! It took quite awhile to find the “perfect” sized vintage window! Then it took working with my husband to create the actual table. He has the building skills! I am actually sharing it a bit undone! I was going to paint it then we thought maybe we would stain it. Since we are painting the room the table will live in and the room attached we’ve decided to wait until the rooms are painted to finish the table. We are also working on making it about 6 inches taller! I had a VERY difficult time finding the legs I wanted! Since it finally came to be, I had to share it with you! I will post pictures another week when it is completed.

If you decide you would like to recreate our table, you first start with the window then you need to basically build the table around it. All the old, vintage windows you will find are not an average size and most are sized a bit odd. We started with the base and cut it an inch all around smaller than the size of our window. Then we measured and cut the sizes from there. It was like putting a puzzle together!  We are putting hinges on the back to attach the window to the table base. The lock from the window I am leaving on to use as the “handle”As you can see from one of the pictures, we had a little help from our four-legged friend! We love Norton!

Have you thought of a project you would like to create? What are you waiting for….you can do it! ENJOY!

Debbi K.



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