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DIY Cupcake Ornament

Today I am sharing a craft project! I recently saw this on HGTV in a holiday program and decided to try it. It was very quick and easy. This would be a fun craft for children with adult supervision! To make it more economical you could just use glitter but I feel the beads give it that special touch! My favorite is the mini cupcake! Enjoy!

Debbi K.


Ornaments (this week Michaels around here had the ornaments at 70% off)


foil cupcake papers

glass beads (the very tiny ones)

glitter (I used a white/clear but you could use a color to match your beads)

ribbon to match your beads

Take a cupcake paper and put glue in the inside bottom and around the inside top edge, place to the side. Use the white cupcake paper that was inside the foil one and place your ornament in there. Put glue all over your ornament and spread with your finger to cover all of the ornament showing. Then sprinkle with your beads and glitter. Then place inside your foil paper. Add a ribbon and you have a beautiful ornament!

cupcake ornament 5cupcake ornament 4cupcake ornament 3cupcaker ornament 2cupcake ornament 1


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  1. Beth says:

    These are so cute!

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