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Good Monday to you! I am waking up to another morning with cold temps and more frozen stuff! Not the snow they first called for but a little snow with a little ice. Personally I would like to see a lot of snow and then be done with it. Not a fan of these little snow/ice days! I am thankful this morning that I will be able to get out and continue the day I have planned! May you enjoy your day and feel warmth!

Housekeeping……I recently added a button for you to now add my posts to your Pinterest boards easily! At the end of each post is a share button, once you click that you will see Pinterest as an option! ENJOY and pin away!!!

I have this sweet little gem of a frame. It has a very vintage feel to it and I love it! I love the little detail on the edges! When I first discovered it, I thought about using it in a grouping with other frames. That changed while working on a more creative look and feel to my office/desk area. I am always trying to re organize to make things run more efficiently in my home!

I used the frame to make a bulletin/creative board. I simple measured the inside back of the frame (11×14) and cut out a VERY sturdy piece of cardboard using an x-acto knife. I purchased a roll of cork and a 12×12 piece of chicken wire. I found the chicken wire in the scrapbooking aisle. It is amazing what you can find walking the aisles of the craft store! The creativity is endless! I laid the cork board out onto cardboard, being very carefully not to tear it, it tears easily! I used the knife to cut this the same size. I then glued the cork to the cut out cardboard. I carefully laid heavy books on top and allowed the glue to dry. Then before placing the cork in the frame I cut the chicken wire to my desired size and laid it in the frame with the cork. I did not attach the wire to the cork, in case I want to change it out later. I now have a place to hang pictures to inspire me while sitting at my desk. I’m always inspired by quotes and old pictures so I’m adding those as well!

What little gems do you have around your house that you could turn into a DIY project??? ENJOY!

Debbi K.





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