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DIY Lighted Grapevine Pumpkin

Today I am sharing a project I’ve wanted to do for over a year and finally got to it! I was married in November 2009. We did a fall theme wedding. One of the decorations on the sconces were grapevine wreaths. There were 12 of them! These wreaths have sat in our shed (well first the garage) for almost 5 years!
I have always loved the lighted grapevine pumpkins however; I have never wanted to pay the price they are! I decided to try and make my own! My dear friend who decorated for our wedding (and did a lot more to make it extra special) wanted to tackle this project with me.
First the wreaths need to soak in water for 24 hours. I used buckets and the dog pool for this. The rest is pretty simple and 2 very large pumpkins took us a little over an hour to do! You unwind the grapevine holding the wreath together. Just find the end and unwrap it. Then you basically pull the wreath apart. The Best way to describe is like an accordion. You tie the accordion together with a piece of wire, they even make grapevine wire. You can find it in the floral dept of the craft store. We did this to 3 wreaths and then attached them together and formed the pumpkin. We only used wire to hold them together. You have to play with it to get the shape you want.
The pictures do not do this justice but you get the idea! ENJOY!

Debbi K.

Debbi K.

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