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Dollar Stretching Week / Chicken

We eat A LOT of chicken in my house! I have teased my husband and told him one day he will come home to chickens in the back yard! Then a friend reminded me of what I would need to do with those chickens to use them for our food, no thank you!

I usually buy the boneless chicken breasts in a value pack at Wegmans. They are 1.99 a pound when you buy them this way. When you buy the small pack, they are 3.89 a pound. I also cook a whole chicken each week and I try to buy the smallest chicken I can find making it the least expensive.

One way I “stretch” my chicken is by shredding it. Today I boiled 2 chicken breasts then shredded them. To boil the chicken just fill a pan with water, add the chicken, bring to a boil (watch it closely). When it starts to boil turn the heat down to medium and skim the foam off the top and discard. AFTER you skim the foam add your spices and a splash of vinegar. Today I used my Red Robin seasoning, onion powder dill, salt and pepper and red wine vinegar. Cook about 20 minutes. I always use a meat thermometer to be sure it is done. I cook my chicken to 180 degrees. Then place in your kitchen aid with a little of the water it was boiling in and turn it up to the 2nd level. In a minute you will have shredded chicken! Let it go another minute or so for a finer shred. Super Simple!

The shredded chicken will be turned into chicken salad to be served with crackers or bread and will be used in wraps either with peppers for fajitas or salad for a Caesar salad wrap. We also like Chicken Nachos! I take Baked Tostito Chips, shredded chicken on top then cheese under broiler for a minute, quick easy super simple, budget friendly!

I have another chicken breast out and I will slice it into chicken tenders, add some spices and a little olive oil and cook them on the George Forman Grill. This is a quick easy time saving tool in the kitchen.

Chicken Salad

I do not measure! I have been making chicken salad for a very long time but I will try and tell you how I do it. Once my chicken is shredded I sprinkle it with a dash of each of the spices I cooked it with. I call this “layering” my spices, haha! Then I take Hellman’s Light Mayo and I add the same spices, usually Red Robin Seasoning, onion powder, dill, salt and pepper then I add a dash of red wine vinegar and a splash of buttermilk. Whisk this all together then add to your chicken. I always make extra dressing for those who like it with a lot of mayo. I probably use about a ½ cup mayo to a ¼ cup buttermilk, this is a rough guess! There you go, my secrets out, LOL.

Check out my “action” shot of the shredded Chicken, haha!

action shot of shredded chickenchicken after shred

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