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Empty Nest / Phase Two

Sending bright, encouraging thoughts your way today!

My daughter recently finished her first year of college. I would say we both did well in our journeys! She adjusted well to college life and I adjusted well to being an empty nester. Now for phase two! The coming home! It is very different to watch your child grow into their independence. My daughter has always been pretty independent but now that she has lived on her own and experienced a different way of living, she’s even more independent. I was not totally prepared for this! I was not prepared to watch her fly in and out and keep busy on her own. I was not prepared to see her make her own way, making plans, traveling, not needing as much of my advice as before. I guess I thought things would be similar to last summer, but how could they be? They are two very different times in both our lives. I am VERY happy and content to have her back under my roof in her home! As most of this journey has been, it isn’t sad, it is just a new different. It is my child growing and stepping into adulthood and me watching and allowing her to walk her path. It is learning a new respect and love for who we both are now.

Moment by moment God’s plan continues to unfold! Trusting and enjoying the journey!

Debbi K.




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  1. Beth says:

    So true and well said!

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