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Filled Strawberries

Today I am sharing a recipe I just discovered! Why have I never thought of this? The other day I saw The Hungry Girl make filled strawberries using ricotta, sweetener and vanilla then chocolate chips on top. They looked so delicious! A quick healthy sweet snack! My mind started racing, what could I fill strawberries with, they are my absolute favorite fruit! Today I created one similar to The Hungry Girl’s with greek vanilla yogurt and chocolate chips. If you put your filling inside a small zip top baggie, you can easily “pipe” into the hollowed out berry. First you cut the top off the strawberry then take out some of the inside, also take a little off the bottom so they will stand up. This was the perfect snack for my daughter after school!

The second one I filled with orange jello! OH my yum! Sweet treat! I made a small package of jello using the speed set method and placed the bowl of jello in the frig for 30 minutes. Then spoon it into your strawberries and place back in the frig until set. If you like whipped cream you could put some on top (this would make them look nicer too)!

Other ideas: strawberry cream cheese, cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless! BE creative!!


Debbi K.

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