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Today I am sharing information on my new favorite TV show! I am so incredibly hooked on this show I decided I had to share it with you! I recently found out about this show and these people through another blogger. The show is called Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. They take a couple or family out to look for a new home. They show them 3 homes, one which doesn’t need much but a little TLC, one that needs some renovations and usually they show them a “catastrophe house”, a home which should be completely torn down but they have a vision and they can restore the home to its original beauty. It is a fun, inspiring show to watch especially when they pick the catastrophe house! My favorite! What Chip and Joanna and their team do to transform these houses is breathtaking and beautiful!

Here is what their website says about them…….”Chip and Joanna Gaines, hosts of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper,” own and run Magnolia Homes. It’s their vision to inspire you to own your space. ”

In my area the show airs Thursday at 11PM on HGTV but they show back episodes a lot during other times. I have each episode set on the DVR, watched and saved! LOVE it! If you like anything vintage or to do with restoration, it is a MUST watch show!

Enjoy your weekend!

LOOKING AHEAD……next week my beautiful daughter graduates from high school! With the graduation and party approaching I will not be posting each day. I am going to try to post a few times but forgive me if I miss a beat as I enjoy this journey! Thank you!

Debbi K.

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