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Grilled Meatloaf

I recently watched a program on Food Network called Farmhouse Rules with Nancy Fuller. She made this incredible looking grilled meatloaf for her grand kids. I have never been a fan of topping on meatloaf but when she made this topping it just looked delicious! So I adapted her recipe to fit my husband and I and our tastes and the results were a hit! I really enjoyed the topping! Give it a try! ENJOY!
Debbi K.
Grilled Meatloaf
1 pound of ground beef
1 carrot, minced in food processor
Worcestershire sauce
Onion powder
Minced onion
¼ cup Parmesan cheese, finely grated
¼ cup breadcrumbs
½ cup ketchup
¼ cup brown sugar
Dijon mustard, I don’t use much
Splash of apple cider vinegar
Mix ingredients together and place in a baking pan in two loaves. I make them small so they bake faster. Mix the topping ingredients and pour over the top of both loaves coating evenly. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes. You will notice I do NOT use eggs in my meatloaf, this is my preference. By not adding eggs your meatloaf will be somewhat crumbly. If you don’t mind eggs, add 1 beaten egg to your meat mixture.
Let meatloaf sit while you heat your grill. Slice your meatloaf and spray with cooking spray or coat with olive oil. Grill 3 minutes on each side. YUMMY! Serve with vegetables. ENJOY!


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