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Harvest Snack Mix 2 Ways

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing 2 Fall Snack Mixes I created for my family. Hope you enjoy trying them for your family. This weekend create a snack mix your family would like and come back and share it with us! Take care!

Debbi K.  


Mini Nilla Wafers, square Snap pretzels, cashews (whole would be nicer for gift giving but pieces are less expensive and work just as well), candy corn and Fall M n M’s. I packaged both mixes in jars for gift giving. The jar I used for this one is a Weck jar from Williams Sonoma, jars are inexpensive and can be re used by the recipient! LOVE JARS!

snack mix 2snack mix 3snack mix 4

The second snack mix is Mini Grahams, Frosted Mini Wheats (which we cut in  half), Golden Raisins and Almonds

snack mix 5snack mixsnack mix all 3 jars

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