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Happy Friday! I hope you have fun fall plans this weekend! I LOVE the colors of the leaves right now!

I don’t usually splurge or should I say indulge on kitchen speciality pans. I have a few and don’t feel I need more. I also don’t wish to store more products in my kitchen! HOWEVER, as I’ve said so many times before, I LOVE FALL! I also love Williams-Sonoma. I don’t shop there often but love to get ideas from them. They have this pan, I call it “The Pumpkin Patch Pan”, I have had my eye on it for a while. Yesterday I stopped in Willams-Sonoma just to browse and somehow ended up at the register with this pan! My little indulgence!! I baked a loaf of Spiced Pumpkin Bread in it, the recipe comes with the pan. It came out beautifully and tastes delicious! If this is something you also need to have, the very kind lady who helped me recommended their baking spray. It should be used on these pans. A few years ago someone gave me the WS cornucopia cake pan and I LOVE it, makes a beautiful cake! I used Pam on that pan and it has made it very sticky even after cleaning. So I bought the spray.

Debbi K.

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