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Italian Night

Hope today was good to you! Today I am sharing a spaghetti sauce recipe. It is the sauce I grew up on and it is pretty healthy as their isn’t much to it! I always make 2 sauces for Italian Night, one beef, one chicken. Serve it with a different shape italian pasta then you normally serve and find some yummy bread sticks and italian bread to go with it. I found these bread sticks at Trader Joe’s and they were really good. Wegman’s sells many different italian pastas and some very unique shapes! Have fun and be creative making Italian Night for your family! ENJOY!

Debbi K.

Spaghetti Sauce (I believe this is a very old recipe shared in a weight watcher meeting a long time ago)

1 bottle of Campbell’s Tomato Juice

onion powder


worcestershire sauce

Pour the entire bottle of tomato juice in a saucepan, add spices (I don’t measure, just do to taste), bring to a boil. Turn the heat down and let the “sauce” simmer for at least 30 minutes. If I have time I do an hour. The sauce will reduce and thicken and you will have a healthy yummy sauce. Serve over italian cooked noodles with bread sticks, bread and butter and a tossed salad sprinkled with oregano.

spaghetti beef spaghetti chicken

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