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Lil Quote Notes

I LOVE words! I enjoy giving gifts and decorating my home with gifts with words on them. My daughter and I share quotes and scriptures that inspire and uplift us. I recently came across an idea similar to the one I’m sharing with you today. It is an item you can purchase but I set out to make my own. It was super simple. I call it Lil Quote Notes and I will be giving a few as gifts to some special people in my life!

The idea is you take mini envelopes with mini cards and write quotes or scripture on the mini cards to encourage and uplift the recipient! You can place your notes in a jar or on a cork board. I searched on the internet for a mini envelope template to use based on the size of my cork board and jar. I, with my daughters help made the little envelopes with scrapbook paper I had. Then using plain cardstock that I had I cut mini notes to fit inside. I hand wrote each card as I think that makes it more special. Then I placed the notes inside a jar for one special couple and on a small corkboard for a college friend of ours! Super Simple and thoughtful! To make it even more simple, you could just do the notes and not the envelopes. You can find small notes already cut at the craft stores.

I did something similar for a friend’s 50th birthday. I made a Blessings jar and each guest at the party wrote a few notes to the birthday girl and we placed them all in a jar.

The possibilities are endless! ENJOY and have a CREATIVE day!

Debbi K.

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2 Responses to “Lil Quote Notes”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I received a blessings jar from my 4 year old class last year

  2. Beth says:

    Great idea Deb! Nadine gave me a blessings jar last year, but I wrote my own blessings. How nice to be able to reach in pull out a blessing that was written for me!

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