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Mason Jar Salad

Happy Friday!

Today I am sharing my Mason Jar Salad. This was all the buzz last year on Pinterest and I’m surprised I’m just getting around to trying it! I absolutely LOVE, I mean LOVE Mason jars! I know, sounds strange, but oh well, I do! I have been giving gifts in Mason jars for many years. It probably has something to do with my love of all things Vintage! Wegmans has very nice jars and I’m always on the lookout for them at vintage shops. Love them so much I now have atleast 5 friends who always give me jars they receive and don’t want! A BIG thank you to all of them!

I made these salads three days ago and they are still crisp and fresh! The idea is you make them on Sunday and eat them all week. I am sold! It is extra convenient to have it made if you want them for lunch or an addition to your dinner, it is all prepared and done and will stay fresh for at least a week. The other nice thing is the way I prepared mine, you can customize each salad per each person! I would recommend any meat you wish to add, you add when serving, just my preference.

You can see by the pictures that I peeled and chopped everything before assembling. You want to add your dressing first, I used one TBSP per jar and I use pint size WIDE MOUTH jars. This is important if you plan on eating from the jar. I also used 2 “cute” jars I had! Then add your vegetables, then I added cheese, then lettuce last. The possibilities are endless! I used 6 jars total for all the ingredients you see!

My jars are:

Stonewall Kitchen Maple Balsamic Dressing (SO delish!)

Shredded carrots

Sugar Snap Peas


Yellow Grape Tomatoes

Purple Cabbage

Shaved Parmesan and Trader Joe Three Cheese blend

Iceberg AND Baby Romaine lettuce


Debbi K.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    great idea, Debbi

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