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New cookie creation!

Happy Monday! We received a gift yesterday in the way of snow! This morning we dealt with ice which closed schools! It was a nice day and the weather cleared up for the afternoon. Unfortunately the snow was not a lot to stick around. Hope you are staying cozy and warm where you are!

I saw a display of baked goods in a department store, it was fake and not edible but it was nice looking and sparked a new cookie creation! I made my rolled out sugar cookies, will share recipe later this week then I made gingerbread boys. Before baking I placed a gingerbread boy on top of a circle sugar cookie and baked them together. It turned out really well! So I then tried it with the cut out circle and an old fashioned press cookie and success again! I think in order for this to work you need cookies that don’t have a lot of leavening in them, ones that don’t spread! Also when you use the old hand turn cookie press, you get smaller cookies. Those turned out very pretty, I sprinkled them with sugar before baking. Unfortunately I gave them all away before I got a picture! But you can see the gingerbread boy idea below! ENJOY!

Debbi K.

gingerbread cookie atop sugar 1 gingerbread cookie atop sugar 2

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