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New Find at the Bakery

Today I am sharing a new Gluten Free find! I went to the yummy bread bakery, Great Harvest Bread Company in Columbia, MD. The people who work there are very friendly! They have the best breads, granola, cookies and some mixes and jams. If you’ve never been it is worth a visit! The smell alone is amazing!

I was chatting with one lady about being gluten-free and she was telling me about the GF mixes they have. Then she told me about this little gem!!!! They sell a pack of 2 dozen gluten-free chocolate chip cookies! You have to know about it to ask for it! The packs are frozen dough balls that you take home, keep in the freezer, take out what you want and bake them! They are pretty delicious for a gluten-free cookie! I can honestly say they aren’t like the ones I make friends and family but they are very tasty!

If you need a gluten-free cookie, stop by and try them! If not stop by and pick up some of the regular cookies they make and some bread! ENJOY!

Debbi K.


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