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News from the Garden

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday full of bright moments!

I’m sharing an update on my garden. I have been pleasantly amazed at how well my garden is growing! It makes me smile to see it flourish! I have harvested lettuce already, the tomatoes are growing nicely and the squash is over taking the entire garden! I have at least a dozen baby yellow squash and zucchini thriving! I’m unsure about the peas right now as the squash is stealing its sunshine! My strawberry plant has produced several berries and my herb garden is doing great! I can’t wait to enjoy more of the bounty of my beautiful garden! Enjoy the pictures!

Debbi K.

gardenB1 gardenB2 gardenB3 gardenB4 gardenB5 gardenB6 gardenB7 gardenB9



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