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I haven’t posted about Norton in a while so I thought I would today! He is so sweet and getting lots of love and attention these days! He is NOT a fan of the car at all! I try to take him more and more with me in the car so he will get used to it but it doesn’t seem to matter, he still doesn’t care for it! Yesterday I ran to the car wash with my daughter and we took him with us, how funny! He was looking all around whimpering and whining the whole time. The funniest moment was when he put his paws on the steering wheel to watch the car wash out the front window! Then we stopped to get some dinner, this we had NOT intended to do! My daughter was very strong in her hold on him or he would have been at my window full on barking! Instead he stayed with her in the passenger seat and gave a low protective funny growl! We love our Norton and perhaps one day he will enjoy the car! Maybe we will sneak him up to college next year to see my daughter, shhhh don’t tell her I said that, LOL!


Debbi K.

Norton car wash 1 Norton car wash 2

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