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Happy Friday! Today I thought I would give a little update on Norton since I haven’t in a while! Norton has been out of sorts lately. I think the weather has affected his mood. He had been enjoying the nicer days outside a lot and then more snow came and he didn’t get out much. That happened on 2 different snow occasions and combined with my senior being home sick all this week, he is in rare form! LOL He has been taking it easy and lying around a lot not very active and not wanting to play. This week he seems to have taken on the way my senior is feeling! He has been sticking close by her, laying on her a lot. He has started “looking” for her in the morning. Normally he comes down with me and lays in his crate or on the couch but this week, he comes down, eats his breakfast then goes back upstairs and pushes her door with his nose. When he can’t get in her door he sits there for a bit and just sniffs under her door. Then relents and comes back downstairs. He is so funny! This morning he was relaxing sitting on her lap while she ate her breakfast then he just started darting around the house wildly! He ran all through the first floor several times and at one point it sounded like he ran into a dinning room chair but he kept going! He does keep us entertained!

I guess we are all ready to get out of our houses and start Spring!! Even the dogs! ENJOY!

Debbi K.

Norton 1

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