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I thought today would be a good day for Norton to visit the blog! He has been enjoying having extra attention with my daughter home for the summer! Little does he know she will be leaving him soon for college and then he will be sad. However, he will have some company when that happens! We will be adding to our family in a few weeks and life as he knows it will change! Hopefully for the better! When we first got Norton we knew we wanted 2 dachshunds. In a few weeks, Norton’s cousin will become a part of our family! We are very excited and somewhat apprehensive as we have never had 2 dogs!

Norton is a very sweet, loving, cuddly dog. Lately it seems as if he knows something is up! I keep showing him the pictures of his cousin and talking about him. He is now getting into more mischief! He keeps coming up to my daughter and I and hitting our back legs with his nose! He has done this for a while but lately he is doing it more often. He is playing not being mean but if you aren’t ready for it, it can startle you! Especially when you thought he was in another room! LOL! He is also standing his ground where he wants to sit! I am not allowing him to do this and he is pretty ticked about it! Perhaps it is the hot weather, maybe he is just having a few “off” days, whatever it is, his cuteness remains, so does his sweetness and we love him to pieces! ENJOY his sweetness in the pictures below!

Debbi K.


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