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Norton and the Soccer Ball

Norton is still a puppy and although he doesn’t have too many fears, he has a few. The soccer ball is one of them! So I set out to solve this issue since the soccer ball is in use every day in this house and Norton likes to be outside in the grass. I went to the local pet store to find a ball a little smaller than the soccer ball. He LOVES it! However, being the chewing monster that he is, he doesn’t wish to chase it, he wants to eat it! Yep already chewed off a piece of the plastic! Each time we take it and toss it, he chases it then runs away from us.

Just to clarify, Norton has not ever chewed my furniture or shoes, he wants to eat each and every toy he is given. The soft toys with stuffing get chewed the same day they are given to him. I take the stuffing out and he falls in love with the unstuffed toy even turning them inside out!

I’m not sure if all this is “normal” dog behavior or not! (What is ever normal J)But it does keep us smiling and on our toes!

Anyone have any funny dog stories to share??

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