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Pumpkin Bread baked in a mini pumpkin

Happy Monday!

I am excited to share my new creation with you! I have served dips, soups, etc. in a hollowed out pumpkin but I have never baked in a pumpkin! I tried it and was very pleased with the results! I used a simple cake recipe that goes back to early Weight Watcher days! A box of cake mix and a can of pumpkin! I LOVE spice cake mix, it has the best flavors for fall! I used spice cake and one regular can of pumpkin, mix together. Then I hollowed out 4 pumpkins and sprayed them with cooking spray. I filled them with cake batter just under the rim of the pumpkin. I baked them at 350 for 30 minutes. Insert a pick in the center and when it comes out clean, they are done. The yummy part is when eating the cake and you get to the bottom, some of the actual pumpkin comes with the cake! You will have leftover batter, I just made them in very mini loaf papers. ENJOY!

Debbi K.


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