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Happy Wednesday to you!

Today I am sharing another DIY project. I’m sure I’ve said this a million times and will probably say it a million more, I LOVE FALL and I especially love all things pumpkin! I had this idea last year to put words on a pumpkin but I never did it. I love words in decorating. I set out to stencil with paint the word Welcome on a big pumpkin I picked up for $6.00 at BJ’s. My 20 year old son who is an incredible artist was hanging out with me today, love my time with my children! Any who, we ran in Hobby Lobby (they have the most word stencils) and picked up the stencil and the rest of the supplies. We started the project by taping the stencil to the pumpkin but when I applied the paint and took it off, it was not very pretty at all!! So my son being the creative person he is, suggested we try and wipe the paint off and try again maybe with a Sharpie. The paint came off very well with a wet paper towel, thank goodness. Then we cleaned and re taped the stencil and my son gave it a try. Success! First he tried a pencil and that worked ok but then he went over it with the thin line Sharpie. He then removed the stencil and with the thin line and a broader Sharpie he went back over his original line adding bolder lines. It came out beautiful and just as I imagined! My advice is use a Sharpie, even if you aren’t an artist as I am NOT, if you use the stencil and create the outline you should be able to “trace” over your outline to create a beautiful Fall project for your home! GIVE IT A TRY!

Happy Fall!

Debbi K.

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