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Queso Pizza

Welcome to Tuesday! I have decided to approach my day with an attitude of gratitude! Won’t you join me!

Lately I am spending a lot of time creating new recipes or new ways to spice up old favorites. The one taste I do not cook as much is Tex Mex. It is my husband’s favorite type of food so I am adding new creations to this taste as well! I am also trying to create low key, easy and simple recipes. My passion is cooking and baking but even I have days I don’t want to hang out in the kitchen!

We recently found a Queso cheese sauce at the Weis grocery store. I was having a day where I wanted something super quick and easy and this creation was born! It received rave reviews so I hope you will give it a try! The nice thing is, you can keep all these ingredients on hand and put together whenever you are in a hurry or just tired! I hope you will let your tastes help create a new version by adding things you like as well.


Debbi K.

Queso Pizza

1 pouch VELVEETA Queso Blanco Cheese Sauce mixed with Salsa Verde and Chiptole Salsa

Spread the mixture on a burrito size flour tortilla. Top with cooked ground beef crumbles that were cooked with onions, then shredded cheese and top last with jalapeno slices. Bake at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes.

I did not measure, just let my husband add the amounts he wanted.


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