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Quick cookie decorating idea

I’ve been busy making tons of cookies this week AND a friend called to ask me to make her some cookies for this Friday. I completed her order this morning! Each year I try to come up with different ideas for my cookies. I saw a store-bought cookie similar to this one in one of my favorite stores and decided to re-create it and it was successful! Don’t you love when that happens?? I searched the internet for a gingerbread boy cookie recipe. The one I have is a very old recipe that was shared with me and I feel so honored to have it! It would have been great for this but it uses 7 cups of flour and makes a ton, I only wanted mini gingerbread boys so I looked online. The recipe I used was simple. I did jazz it up a bit by adding 1 tsp lemon zest to the dough. THEN I used the cutest lil cookie cutter, it is a plunger style mini with good details. I found it at our cake supply store. Super simple cut and bake but then once cooled I “iced” the cookies with melted white chocolate, OH MY YUM! They turned out well and I’ve already received good reviews on them! You could even use the dough already made in the refrigerated section of the store but you do want a dough that doesn’t have much leavening and won’t rise much. ENJOY!

Debbi K.

White choc gingerbread boys 1 white choc gingerbread boy 2

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