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I follow a blogger named Christy Jordan, her blog is Southern Plate. I have Christy’s first cookbook also called Southern Plate and really have enjoyed the recipes in it. Christy just wrote another cookbook called Come Home to Supper. I purchased the book last week and have already made 4 recipes out of it! The recipes are really good and most seem fairly simple. They do not require special ingredients, they are down home recipes that any level of cook/baker can accomplish.

The best part of this book is the idea behind it, the stories, the uplifting quotes and the great ideas. Christy is trying to bring back the tradition of sitting down together as a family for dinner. I love this idea and am always striving towards it! In a time where everyone is so busy and life just seems to get busier, it is nice to sit down to a delicious meal and connect with our loved ones and friends. I have already purchased another book as a gift. I highly recommend it!

Debbi K.

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