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Today I am sharing a delicious idea for busy nights or weekends! Normally I enjoy making soup from scratch but the holidays are fast approaching and the busy has started so it is great to have some soup mixes that taste like homemade on hand! I found these at my most favorite gift shop, Fulton Station Jewelers in Fulton, MD. I have been shopping with these ladies for many years. They are incredibly wonderful and they have the best gifts! I always find that perfect something. They are preparing for the holidays and these soups are a new favorite! Several customers have tried them with rave reviews! I served the potato and cheese soup for a Sunday dinner and everyone loved it. I served it with bacon, yum! I recently tried the tortilla soup and my husband loved it. I still have the mushroom to try. You basically add a few ingredients in a pot and simmer for about 30 minutes then done! They both made my home smell incredible! Stop by the shop and stock up for the upcoming holidays, tell the ladies I sent you! They make great gifts too! It would be great to have on hand right after Thanksgiving when we are all cooked out! ENJOY!

Debbi K.


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