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Spinach Chips

Happy Friday! I have experimented with spinach chips twice this week. The taste is delicious (if you like spinach) and the smell is wonderful! I found the baking of the spinach a tad finicky. The first batch I baked at 325, the second at 375. The first batch was not crispy at all and the second batch was still yummy but a bit crispy. They are very easy to make. Wash and  DRY your spinach. Place in a baggie with a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper. (the first batch I added garlic powder, they were good just strong) Place on a baking sheet or stone. I would suggest you bake them for 10 to 15 minutes or until crispy at 350 degrees. The first picture below is before and the second is after and these are my second batch. ENJOY!

Debbi K.

spinach chips 2spinach chips

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