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Spring decorating

Today I am sharing a few of my Spring decorations with you! The main “new” decoration I tried this year was using a moss mat as a runner on my table. I really like the look! I also used some of the moss mat in a tall vase. I lined the vase with the moss then added the flowers, love this look as well. I found the moss mat at Wegman’s. Hobby Lobby also carries it. It is more expensive at Hobby Lobby but with a coupon would be the same price as Wegman’s.

I always use candy in my Spring decorating. it is inexpensive and the colors are wonderful, makes everything come together with the pop of color. If you use candy to decorate with and you don’t allow it to be eaten or if all of it doesn’t get eaten, you can freeze it when you change your decorations. Freezing means next year you don’t have to purchase your candy for decorating, just make sure it doesn’t get eaten that year! If you look at the picture on the “candy” side of my table scape you will notice a green foil wrapped bunny, I love this! It was $6.99 at Costco and they come in blue and pink as well. I will use this on my dessert table for Easter dinner as a little extra.

Remember in decorating to start with what you have, you usually wont need to purchase anything new! Just walk around your house for inspiration! Sometimes you can use decorations from other seasons!


Debbi K.

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