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Stop and Smell the Flowers

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” –  Lady Bird Johnson

I do my grocery shopping at Wegmans. I am there each week and each time I go first to the produce section and then I walk through the floral section. I love and adore flowers! No matter what kind of day you are having, flowers can make you smile! Flowers can brighten even the darkest day!

I am trying my best to deal with the weather winter has placed upon us, trying hard not to complain too much about the cold, the ice and the snow! On this one particular day, I was allowing the cold to dampen my mood. I had a few things weighing on my mind and mixed with the nasty weather, I wasn’t having the best morning. As I walked into the floral department with no intention to purchase anything, my favorite flower, the Gerber Daisy, caught my eye with its beauty and bright sunny color! I felt it was a little reminder from God that even the darkest days can be brightened by the smallest of moments! I purchased those beautiful flowers along with another green pretty filler floral. I arrived home unpacked my groceries, walked the dog, then took my time placing my flowers in their vase. I placed them where I would see them each morning when I woke up!

Perhaps when you are having a blue kind of day, stop by your favorite grocery store and brighten your day with flowers!


Debbi K.


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