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Stop, Look, Listen, See

Praying you can walk through this Thursday with your eyes wide open to all this beautiful world has to offer!

We teach our children to Stop, Look and Listen before crossing the street. What if we used this in our daily lives? What if we took time out of each day to Stop, Look, Listen and See? What new discoveries would we make?
I’ve recently discovered a few new things. It has me wondering, am I rushing through life or am I taking the time to stop, look, listen and see the world around me. Am I missing things by keeping busy or not appreciating all that life has to offer.
While my daughter was home from college, we took many walks. I noticed things I had forgotten about or noticed things in our neighborhood I didn’t even know were there.
I believe I am an appreciative person. I think I take the time to see the world around me and be grateful for all God has bestowed upon me and all I have. But could I still do better? Can I still take more time out of my day to stop, look, listen and see.
I am trying all the usual “new year” fare; read more, get more motivated for working out, eat a little more cleaner (even though I do a pretty good job there), etc. but I think this year I am going to use this motto, stop, look, listen and see each day to make sure I am “catching” all life is tossing my way!


Debbi K.
“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” ~ Ralph H. Blum

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