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Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Today I am sharing an idea I thought of for a bigger gathering we are having. Yesterday I had a small dinner for family to celebrate Palm Sunday and I did a smaller version of it so I thought I would share the idea with you now! I LOVE strawberries and strawberry shortcake is a delicious way to enjoy them! Creating “bars” for entertaining is an easy way to create a yummy dessert that anyone can enjoy since the idea of a bar is “create your own” and you are given many choices! What types of self-serve bars have you created for parties?


Debbi K.

As I said a bar is set up to let your guests help themselves and add-on the toppings they enjoy. Think of an ice cream topping bar! My ideas are here for just that, an idea, take them and create your ideas that your guests will love!


Shortcake (I will share my favorite shortcake recipe with you in a few days)

Angel Food cake cut into cubes

Round sugar cookies


Plain berries

Sugar berries (sprinkle sugar on berries and leave in the frig for at least an hour prior to serving)


Rich’s Bettercreme (will share more about this yummyness in a few days)

Cool Whip

Ice Cream

Powdered Sugar

Strawberry Jam


Sprinkles for fun!

You can put small glasses out, plates, mason jars for a vintage feel or paper bowls if serving a crowd to aid in clean up! Let your creativity flow!

strawberry shortcake barstrawberry shortcake



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