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Taste of Home Spring Goodie Box

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I am beyond excited to share today’s post with you! I received a message about the Taste of Home goodie box last fall. By the time I received my fall box they were sold out! As of the writing of this post, you can go to shop Taste of Home and order one for yourself. I ordered the whole series for this year in the hopes I don’t miss out again! This is wonderful for me! We have all seen the monthly or quarterly boxes you can receive, if you have a love of something there is probably a mail order box or club for it! I love all things food and kitchen and this box is perfect for me!

Here is what my box contained:

current issue of Country Woman

Taste of Home Brunch favorites cookbook

several recipe cards (these always come in the box and are always different)

Garlic Pepper seasoning ( I am in LOVE!)

Oxo Good Grips zester (favorite!)

several Chocolate Cinnamon tea bags (have not tried yet but smell yummy)

a flower and a butterfly cookie cutter

a packet of organic dill seeds to plant

I have already used the Garlic Pepper seasoning which you will see in the pictures. I used it on baked chicken and on squash noodles with shrimp. I made banana chip muffins from one of the recipe cards. I’m excited to make Oatmeal Brulee with Ginger Cream from the Brunch cookbook. This week I will be enjoying a nice cup of Chocolate Cinnamon tea!

If you want to receive your own box don’t wait, they do sell out!

Debbi K.

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