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The Beauty in Letting Go

Good Morning!

So here we go, senior year! I have been dreading this day all summer because it means my daughter is closer to moving on to college, closer to leaving the nest, leaving me. I have spent the summer enjoying each moment with her grateful that I still haven’t found a job so I could spend so much time with her.  I have continually teased her and let her know how much I will miss her but how incredibly proud I am of her. I have cried like an idiot many times! All the while trying to embrace the inevitable. Someone very wise who has been involved in our lives most of her life said to me “she is still home for another year” basically saying get a grip, haha! I truly have not spent the summer dreading her growth and progressions but this first day of senior year is oh so bittersweet. Last week most schools around us were heading back to school and I saw many adorable first day pictures and many comments about the first day be it senior year, preschool, 5th grade, heading to college and so on. It made me cry  but also it made me reflect upon these beautiful gifts given to us by God and how we need to stop and embrace all the changes, all the “firsts”, all the challenges yet to be faced. So I came up with this prayer/wish for all parents. I hope it helps you in some small way embrace your bittersweet moments and I pray that each of us learn this letting go as a beautiful thing.

As God prepares our hearts and minds for the approaching changes may we reflect on the blessings he gave us in our beautiful children. May we embrace all the changes, all the challenges and learn to fall in love over and over again with our children. May we realize the beauty in the growth and changes by learning to understand how well we have done with the most important job placed upon us by God. We know we have not been perfect, we know we have made mistakes but through it all we have loved and been loved.

Debbi K.

4 Responses to “The Beauty in Letting Go”

  1. Beth says:

    Great Deb….this post made me cry! I loved what you wrote and I loved the prayer. It is going to be a great year with many blessings to come!

  2. Kim says:

    Debbi, Oh so true. Elaine left for college, met her future husband the first day, and hasn’t returned home since (except, of course, to visit). And, I’m pretty sure she’ll never be back in the area, since her husband doesn’t feel like there are universities in this area that suit his needs. I’m very proud of her and all that she’s accomplished, but makes me sad every day not to have her closer. I keep telling them they can live wherever now, but must return when there are grandchildren, but I don’t think my vote counts. Cherish your time now. You never know what will happen. Thank you for your prayer, the words will help my tears.

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