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The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday!

I have a passion for baking and cooking! I’ve been told I’m pretty good at all things kitchen! I love and adore veggies and flowers! I am not however, a gardener! I have wanted to learn for many years now and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks from friends. I have also done a few container mini herb gardens and a few tomato plants in containers. I have been wanting to start my own garden for a long while now. I’m happy to say, it has begun, the beginning of something beautiful! Now this does not make me a gardener but maybe a beginner at gardening! I have planted flowers before and they seem to thrive and do ok so I’m now trying a vegetable garden and I’m beyond thrilled about it! I belong to a CSA farm and love going each week during the season and getting fresh veggies! I’m happy to add to that with my own garden.

Since we are members of the CSA Farm and since I’ve never done this before, we are starting small. We have created a 4×6 raised garden bed. You can see the progression in the photos below, how my husband and I went about it. It was time-consuming (took about 2 days) but not difficult at all! I will post more pictures after I place my plants inside. I’m waiting to decide what and when, don’t want any frost harming my plants!

Notice our four-legged helper in one of the pictures!

Pray with me that the lovely deer do not help themselves to my garden! We added a fence to hopefully keep them out!


Debbi K.



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