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Welcome to Thursday! I hope you are staying warm! Wishing you a beautiful day!

Today I am sharing another coffee related post! I gave my husband a French Press recently as a gift. He had mentioned this press awhile ago. My only encounter with the french press was in a local coffee/tea shop. I love the tea they serve! The last few times I’ve been there, they have served tea in a French Press. I was not a fan. I ended up drinking some tea leaves! The press I found for my husband has a filter at the pour spout so if any coffee grounds (or tea leaves) get to the surface they don’t come out in the pour.

In doing a little research on this, I found that those who enjoy their coffee like the press a lot! Seems it gives your coffee (and tea) a bolder, better flavor. I will be trying my tea in it soon! I also gave my husband Illy coffee. He thoroughly enjoyed these gifts and really is enjoying the flavor of the Illy coffee and the way it brews in his new French Press! ENJOY!

Debbi K.


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