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The New “Greeting” Card

I recently had a gathering of creativity with a friend! We enjoyed hot tea on a fairly cold day and then we started creating! I have seen many of these tags especially around Christmas and I fell in love with them. I have seen some with many, many layers. It got me to thinking…..I send a lot of greeting cards and how fun would it be to make these beautiful layered tags my new “greeting” card!!I am going to write my message on the back of the tag then mail it in a brown envelope. Everyone enjoys getting mail and a little package is even more special!

I have been collecting a few trinkets and my friend has a beautiful craft room full of many wonderful goodies. She brought a bunch of things and along with what I had, we had a fun day creating together! Since I am not a big crafter, I am starting off slowly, haha! My layers aren’t as grand as some I’ve seen but I was pleased with the look of my new greeting cards! I am sharing a few of the tags we made, the first row of pictures are 2 tags my friend made, the rest are a few I made.

All you need is a little creativity, big tags, scrapbook papers, glue/double-sided tape and trinkets. You can find all the supplies at any local craft store. Perhaps you already have some things around your house you could use! The possibilities are endless! ENJOY!

Debbi K.



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